Thursday, December 27, 2007

... exploring

I love the basic O*Wristlet shape because of its simple, "clean" lines. When I was thinking of a base for an appliqué - it seemed like a good choice. I've cut free-hand shapes and mounted it to get an effect of a 3D floral and leaves appliqué. It has some "freedom" and a slight "movement" which is what I like about it. That's actually my second time trying this technique... the first time was on the orange vinyl bag .
This O-Wristlet color is chocolate- brown ... I associate it with warmth and the winter color of the earth. It is very practical as it will settle nicely with any colors of wardrobe.

Below is another recent work that involves the "movement" element - a skirt I made for myself without a pattern... it took me forever to finish!:) here I also used a "wintry" color of gray - moss linen blend. The medium-weight of the fabric gives the skirt some "heaviness", especially at the inner ruffles. By it's color and weight it can only be a skirt for sunny winter days, and it works great with knee - high boots! :) YAY! love boots...

Mike Brant

Thirty two years ago you jumped to your death in April 1975. We're still missing you and aching your loss.

Here's a few great moments of you, superstar, that I like so much! as a joker, and a great singer...

You'll be in our hearts and minds forever!

Mike Brant - his amazing life story.

My favorite song...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ta Da!!!

My vinyl bags are finally sewn :))

After staring at those rolls of delicious vinyls for weeks, I've actually had - just HAD to get it out of my system!

Here's a wonderful "Burnt Orange" vinyl with stitched appliqué I did on my beloved Bernina.
I put this This bag also in my new Etsy banner I love this orang so much!!!
I'll take more pictures of the other bags very soon.

My hubby took these pictures of me while my boys were waiting in the car to go on a bicycle ride.... I was so glad that the sunshine was peaking this morning (for a change) for a few hours :) ... you can also see Cherry, our new puppy - we're in love with her!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another bag...

So I took a picture of myself... don't even ask me how I did it :) couldn't figure out the timer thing on my camera, and was too lazy to dig the manual out - I'm glad it came out in focus though.
I love this beautiful print of flowers and animals - just lovely!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm back!

And it feels SO good :)... I was actually on my blog all the time, but I couldn't log in!!! I put my username list somewhere and couldn't find it :(... this morning it just happened!!!! the computer Gods decided that I could just-like-that log-in when I hit the B icon on my screen :)) YAY!!! and thanks for the comment you guys added :), that was a nice surprise.

Usually, I use my first sample for my own use (bags, wallets etc...) . This time I've decided to be good to myself and show the world WHAT i DO in the best way possible :) I treated myself to this first - sample handbag with the actual good fabric, and not boring scraps. I'm working on a few more bags like this one at the moment, to list at the shop and have some more O - Wristlets with a slightly new silhouette to finish as well.

Here are a few pictures of my bag (or as I call it my security bag as in security blanket :))... haven't decided on a name for it yet....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please don't freak out....

It's only me playing around with Photoshop :)
I took this picture a few years ago, and just discovered it again in one of my old files. I was tempted to add the background and the reddish shade (my hair was kind of an eggplant shade back than).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some Pursonal time with my sewing machine

Finally this project is completed and soon I'll be showcasing all those Pursonals :)
These are made from the same fabric on the outside and inside for the pockets, something I've done only once before.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Two Good Things or Three

If I were to describe my mood, I'd say "busy" is appropriate. I don't know why, but my best inspirational moments come when I'm up to my head with work!!!

... so while sewing up my custom work, I knew I just HAD to make this pouch, and due to some technical challenges it was a bumpy road, cause my first two ones found their way to the trash. Saying that, I'm so so happy with this one! it was worth the effort :)The other good thing is that after about 3 years of not - making - clothes at all, I've sewn up a top. It's very feminine with a back tie - I'd wear it with low rise dark skinny denim and my burgundy shoes. The top is made of a sheet remnant I got at Ikea, just to make the first sample out of the pattern I've drafted. I just can't wait to use the fabrics, I kept for so long, to use on project like this one.