Thursday, December 27, 2007

... exploring

I love the basic O*Wristlet shape because of its simple, "clean" lines. When I was thinking of a base for an appliqué - it seemed like a good choice. I've cut free-hand shapes and mounted it to get an effect of a 3D floral and leaves appliqué. It has some "freedom" and a slight "movement" which is what I like about it. That's actually my second time trying this technique... the first time was on the orange vinyl bag .
This O-Wristlet color is chocolate- brown ... I associate it with warmth and the winter color of the earth. It is very practical as it will settle nicely with any colors of wardrobe.

Below is another recent work that involves the "movement" element - a skirt I made for myself without a pattern... it took me forever to finish!:) here I also used a "wintry" color of gray - moss linen blend. The medium-weight of the fabric gives the skirt some "heaviness", especially at the inner ruffles. By it's color and weight it can only be a skirt for sunny winter days, and it works great with knee - high boots! :) YAY! love boots...

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