Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's a "Pursonal" thing...

I'm building up my confidence, writing down in English... for good or bad, at the moment, I write the way I speak :) I actually haven't been "writing to self" since I was keeping a daily diary at the age of 12 (hmmm... if I could only find this little notebook now!).

Talking of writing, I just got a surprise email from a class mate (silk screening class) in the US - which brings me back to silk - screening! I'm a total chicken... I have ALL the equipment I need and still can't bring myself to start again. I have lots of new ideas of design and color - stories, but all of it is still waiting on my computer to see the light of day (someday hopefully soon).

in the photo, the first screen - printing I did, it got great response from lots of folks - thanks for your support :)
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in aqua
Card Holder - Original screen printing

...I guess it's a "Pursonal thing", I mean, what I have in my purse.
It all started one busy morning at my local old "Sav - On"... I was just about to pay at the cashier stand, as I quickly pulled out my "PocketWallet", and along came out (and onto the floor... and to the feet of the guy that was standing next to me!!!) pads, tampons and whatnot...
I don't know how I felt at that moment... I guess I was kinda surprised in a bad way.

Since that incident I was working out the "Pursonal" design in my head for a while. I really don't feel like picking - up my inessentials from the floor ever again, and it's a great way for me to stay organized as well.
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GiggleJelly said...

I can fully commiserate with your checkout experience. :-) Your 'Pursonal' purse is such a great idea! And I love your screenprinting too - such sweet whales!

tambatoys said...

ooohh I just love that pink elle !!! As for the pursonal what a great idea!!
keep up the cute stuff!

DC Designs said...

Oh we've all had that moment haven't we. And the cashier always has to be a cutie that day too. It really is uch a brilliant idea! The blog looks great too. Welcome to blog land!

ThreeGreenApples said...

Thanks and welcome :)

Nest Desings and things said...

Hello, I love your things, congrats on your new blog! XOXO

neta said...

Welcome to the blog world!
I am going to add you to my reader.
I really love your screening.
Keep in touch

ThreeGreenApples said...

Thanks :))

I'm adding you to mine too. Keep in touch!