Sunday, July 01, 2007

Push your buttons

I must confess... this blog was cooking in my head for about a year or so now.
I've never gotten around to it, and there was always a good reason why. when there wasn't a reason - my brain was just too tired (two small kids...)to cope with what goes into having to put up a proper blog. Deep inside, like in everything else in my life , I knew that when the right time will come, it will just happen ... and thankfully it did :)

In the course of just figuring out how this blog "thing" works (never had time to actually read blogs), I knew that I needed a few things for my blog: a life to tell about, an RSS button (cause it's all-the-rage now) and a spell check, which luckily for me, comes with the setup of the blog.
I've been swimming in the deep sea of HTML/Java scripts (very scary!!!) for a while, FYI I'm a total illiterate as far as composing my own cods goes - b u t, I've figured this one out *all by myself* and I'm so proud!!! my heart jumped out of joy when this button actually worked :))

I wanted a cute little button (flowery of course...) for my "contact me"/ "email me" button. When clicked - this button opens a new window with my email.
First, I've created the image in jpg format, and uploaded it to a free photo-sharing site. I've used the URL of the picture from that site and plugged it into this code:

This is a basic code, and I'm sure there's more to add if you need spam protection etc... hope this helps.

Make sure the uRL starts with http... and ends with .jpg

What do you do now with this code?
Click on "customize" ---> "Add a Page Element" click on "HTML/JavaScript" now you can just paste it into the large window --> save

Good Luck! (%

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Shakty said...

oh I've been in situations like that :), but you must feel happy also, I'm very glad you got your blog up, I added you to my bloglines so I wont miss apost, I love your pictures on Flcikr and I expect to read you here also :)


Denise aka WarmnFuzzy